Bee Harmony

​​Need a Speaker at your next event or group meeting? 

Bee Harmony is dedicated to providing the public with information about the Honey Bee,  Colony Collapse Disorder, and the important role bees play in pollination .  Please drop us a line through our contact link to request a speaker.    You and your quests will find the information about Honey Bees fascinating and discover the tremendous number of issues facing the collapse, and possible extinction of the Honey Bee. 

Pre-School and Elementary School age programs:  Bee Harmony provides a program that teaches the children about the biology of the Honey Bee, their social structure, how the bees collect pollen and nectar, the role bees play in the pollination flowers, fruits and vegetables.  Students leave with new knowledge about the Honey Bee, the importance of using pesticides that are not harmful to pollinators and a package of Wildflower Seeds to take home and grow.  Some schools have an associated program to plant Wildflower Seeds on the school campus.

Become a Business Hive Sponsor to a local school

Bee Harmony works with local businesses to sponsor "Virtual" Bee Hives with a dedicated local school - via the internet.  Students love working online and this business and school colaboration provides the opportunity to expose students to an actual hive.  Working with the school, Bee Harmony assists in developing a grade appropriate curriculum to teach students about Honey Bees. 
The unique Bee Harmony technology provides students with year-round information about the hive and information to learn about hive development by the study of temperature, honey accumulation by the study of weight and visually witness the unique social interaction of the Honey Bee colony. 

In addition, businesses also have the opportunity to share the live feed hive observation with their clients via the internet or with customers at their place of business via TV monitors.

Bee Harmony will manage the hive for the sponsor business and provide the unique Bee Harmony hive technology.