Bee Harmony

Bee Harmony is a Non-Profit Organization that is dedicated to confronting Colony Collapse Disorder by educating the public about the Honey Bees and providing Honey Bees with beehives in sponsor locations that provide bees an opportunity to pollinate native flowers, getting proper nutrition in locations away from pesticides and parasites. 

We appreciate any tax deductible contribution you can make to help support our programs.

Special Programs

HIVE SPONSER.  A $400 donation entitles contributors to become a HIVE SPONSER.  A HIVE SPONSER has a hive dedicated to them which they name, receive periodic updates and photographs of their hive and each year they receive 25% of the honey harvested from their hive.

APRIARY SPONSER.  We are always looking for land or property owners who want to support our efforts by allowing Honey Bee hives to be placed on their property.  Bee Harmony will manage the hive and as an APRIRY SPONSER each year you will receive a percentage of the honey.  If interested, please send us a note through the CONTACT PAGE.

Top Bar Hive.  Some people are interested in starting their own hives!  For a minimum donation of $250, you will receive a  top bar hive made from high quality, marine grade plywood that is easily put together and accepting bees within minutes.  This is ideal for community/urban gardeners, who need pollinators, and those who are concerned with were their food products come from.  This donation includes shipping to the continental U.S.  and are happy to advise in other areas of starting your very own hive. 

Please use the DONATE tab to make your tax deductible donation.

Bee Harmony works the business community in creating sponsorships with schools to provide a "virtual observation bee hive" allowing students to access actual beehive technical data via computers to learn about the Honey Bee  and assist teachers in developing an age based curriculum.